Welcome to Octaglory

Digital Retail

Octaglory is a retail tech solution provider that provides software subscription at a very much affordable price. The company believes each and every business is a dream and we consider ourselves as the lifesaver of those business and intends to nurture the SME businesses so that things become easier for the entrepreneurs and he can carry his dream and grow further. Octaglory’s subscription-based software is featured to enable business operators to better understand and track their business and add value to their lives through digital integration.

We consider that the majority of SME exists in retail, we will help them to stay in the game and get bigger Thus we are working to make the dream true and keep it growing.

Why Us

Study says 95% of the SME fails due to lack of proper tracking and management. Though most of the business owner knows how to do the business but very few can run the whole show as they have little knowledge about basic accounting. They hardly can manage to track the accurate amount of cash and stock. So within a few days discrepancy occurs which interrupt the growth of the business or in extreme case, force the business to shut down. Here Octaglory comes with a very simple yet lifesaving solution to assist you in nurturing your business, make it bigger and successful. We will be with you to take care of everything from recording the transaction to tracking the stock and proper cash management so that you know what is going to happen and take necessary measures. All you need to do is take the subscription and focus on your bigger goal only, rest will be taken care of.